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The need to add a deck to an existing structure might arise by one or several reasons: aesthetics, practicality, investment etc. With numerous decking options available in the market, homeowners are faced by dilemma of choosing the right one for their homes. Though it is purely a matter of personal choice certain factors like the design-concept, initial and lifecycle cost of decking materials, time of construction, and maintenance of each material should be considered before finalizing and financing your decking project.

Stainless steel wire balustrades

These give matchless strength to decks and have the ability to gel in with varied design themes by giving a sense of class and elegance- though it best suits the modernist themes. Stainless steel balustrades work well with both: timber and plastic and give a sleek look to the total frame of the deck. You might go for simple or complex designs, while customized balustrades can give an ultimate dream finishing to your deck. The reigning theme of your design would be the deciding factor for the matt or mirror finish of the balustrades.

Merbau, Spotted gum, and Treated Pine decking are viable options for outdoor decking

Merbau, Spotted gum, and Treated Pine decking are viable options for outdoor decking.

Merbau Decking

This is a favorite decking option on account of its rich burgundy color and beautiful grain. It is also resistant to moisture, insect infestation and decay and its natural oil maintains a shiny surface ideal for exquisite home décor. It is, however, important to know that water stains on Merbau decking can cause plank bleeding, which would stain other objects with deep red color. Its longevity can be improved if it is used in airy and free of soil exposure areas.

Spotted Gum Decking

If you are working on a budget, then spotted gum can be used as an alternate to Merbau deck. It is also preferred over Merbau because it does not bleed as much. It is ideal for outdoor use, for landscaping in the gardens or patios.

Treated Pine Decking

If you want real value for money, go for Treated Pine decking. Not only is it cost effective but the protective coating enhances its beauty and resistance to the weather impact.

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Plastic decks are lighter and have altogether different features from wood decks

Plastic decks are lighter and have altogether different features from wood decks.

It might come as bliss to homeowners to redo their homes with plastic decks, as it requires minimal maintenance. It is manufactured in light colors, thus it ideally suits modern and contemporary home designs. However, plastic decks are prone to contract or expand, and they might bend or de-shape upon exposure to high temperature; therefore, care about side- and end- joint spacing must be taken. The price is slightly on the higher end, but it is definitely worth it. It is advisable to have it installed professionally, as it might need extra framing support or underlying planks to lay down a smooth plastic deck.