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Pergolas - creating the ultimate outdoor space

Pergolas - creating the ultimate outdoor space

Pergolas add interesting feature to your deck or gardens, apart from providing shade and privacy. The structure of pergolas is unique in the sense that it doesn’t obstruct the view but allows the eye to move freely beyond it. Thus, it gives a sense of expanse, while defining the space in a beautiful manner.

Pergolas can be of different types but there are a few standard types such as: house fixed; free standing; eave to eave; awning etc. pergolas come in different shapes like square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, circular or curved, box-shaped, umbrella. With so many choices it can be confusing at to what you should choose for you home. We will work closely with you to make sure the final pergola is perfecty suited to your needs.



Pergolas can be used over decks and in gardens or by pool sides to provide shade and add beauty to the overall outdoor structure. Garden pergolas give a unique dimension to any backyard and make an inviting place for your friends and family to enjoy nature and to relax. Pergolas also help to better define your outdoor space without creating visual obstructs.

The type and material you choose for pergolas would determine the final look of your outdoor space. If you are working on a budget, you can compare prices of different materials and styles and choose accordingly.

Our process begins with the design. We discuss numerous design possibilities with you ensuring that you get a pergola that suits your lifestyle and budget. Our experience allows us to ensure the best result is achieved which adds immense value to your home.

The first step is to choose the site of pergolas and consider the different design features and possibilities for that specific area.

The second step is to choose the type of pergola: free standing, house attached, eave to eave, awning etc. next consider the various available styles and colours for your pergolas.

The third step is to decide upon whether you are planning to have privacy-screens or drop-down blinds and lighting or guttering; and finally the selection of materials.

Choosing the right materials

Choosing the right materials

The choice of materials is dependent upon a number of factors including:
• cost;
• structural features;
• and aesthetics.

Timber (both hard and treated softwoods) and plastic are some of the materials commonly used for building pergolas. The price range for each material is different and we can help you to select the right materials for your home and budget.

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